Zumexo is a one stop solution for all businesses to help them create unparalleled visibility for their brand in the market, by building strong and long lasting business networks.

As a self service platform, we provide businesses with enough tools, resources, accesses and freedom so that they can easily create and promote their own digital presence. Through Zumexo, business can create their own dynamic webiste within minutes, simultaneously promote it on the Zumexo business network and other social networks just with a click of a button. We allow users free access to all businesses on our platform so that they can quickly connect and initiate relationships in their desired business categories and functions. We provide a medium where you can keep the market updated with your latest business development and off market activities to gradually create an impressionable brand over time.

Our business offerings do not stop here and we plan to constantly bring out new services even outside the marketing and networking domain to help create a fluid business enviroment in India. All our services would always be driven by our core set of values to provide an ever enriching experience for our customers.

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