Being genuine and authentic is the key for any kind of networking , be it offline or digital, building a trustworthy relationship, and seeing how you can help others takes you a long way in business networking, expanding your business across multiple cities, creating a brand of your company and effectively increasing your sales,
Defining a set of goals before initiating a networking communication will help focus on achieving your goals unobtrusively, Ask yourself what your goals are in participating in networking meetings so that you will pick groups that will help you get what you are looking for. Some business meetups and business events in India are based more on learning, making contacts, and/or volunteering rather than on strictly making business connections.
Visiting as many groups as possible in todays fast paced digital world might not be an effective way for business networking given the amount of traffic you have to overcome and the time spent might not be worth it, A more effective way of business networking in todays world would be digital, that consumes lesser of your time, helps you do more with less, Join a business networking website like Zumexo, join as many categories that interests you and follow as many businesses as you want, Begin conversations with proprietor's of few businesses and see if they are co-operative and helpful, few may not be interested in business networking immediately but with some help from your side initially helps soften the other side for a longer business networking relationship in this diital world,

Business networking in a crowded offline world

Join business networking portals like linkedin, Zumexo"and invite your friends and colleagues to your network so other businesses looking at your profile does know that you are genuine and are interested in serious business, Being part of a wide varety of groups on business networking websites like Zumexo" helps manage and grow your busienss network more effectively than managing it offline
Once you join a business networking website like linkedin or Zumexo" and follow few businesses and make new connections try to volunteer and help the business you are following by offering some free services you can offer, this helps the other business know your offering better and become a prospective buyer of your product or service in the future, You also become viisble to him directly among his areas of interest for any new requirement in future when he may just drop an order for you,
Ask open ended queries to business owners you following on a business networking portal like Zumexo", This means questions that ask who, what, where, when, and how as opposed to those that can be answered with a simple yes or no. This form of questioning opens up the discussion and shows if the businesses you are following are interested in business networking with your firm,
Become known as a powerful resource for others When you are known as a strong resource, people remember to turn to you for suggestions, ideas, names of other people, etc. This keeps you visible to them.
Have a clear understanding of what you do and why, for whom, and what makes your doing it special or different from others doing the same thing. In order to get referrals, you must first have a clear understanding of what you do that you can easily articulate to others. Clarity of thoughts helps in building a long term powerful relationship and create a brand which impacts lives of lots of businesses,
Be able to articulate what you are looking for and how others may help you.Too often people in conversations ask, "How may I help you?" and no immediate answer comes to mind. Prepare yourself to have clear crisp answers if you want to exapnd your network in India or globally as nothing can beat a clear articulate mind,
Follow through quickly and efficiently on referrals or connections you are given or make on websites like Zumexo". When people give you referrals or you make connections online, your actions are a reflection on them. Respect and honor that and your referrals and connections will grow.
Join the fastest growing business network of India Zumexo" here to find buyers or suppliers in India or to just create a free website, expand your business all over India and create a more healthy business network digitally,

Stay focused on financial goals

We have always tried to be very strategic in our approach to growth. We set one year business plans, track against those plans, and modify them when necessary. We believe that if you don't set goals you have no way of measuring yourself, your team and your company against some pre-determined objectives. When everyone understands in a very crystal clear way what the overall goals of the organization are, it allows everyone to rally together and take pride in successfully accomplishing them.

Understand that people work for people, not companies

It is rare when a business can successfully operate and grow without talented people. In fact, we often talk about our people being the only asset we have to sell and we are always looking for ways to improve our culture, our benefits, and the reasons why employees would want to keep working for us. I believe that many companies forget that true loyalty comes when employees believe that the organization and its leadership team care about them personally and professionally. This ultimately results in long-tenured employees, which has a very real and direct effect on company growth.
Running a business is quiet different than being good at a profession. I have often said that just because someone is good in PR, it doesn't mean they will be good at running a PR agency. The same is true for any profession. Growing a successful business is all about having a good business mind, combined with a strong skillset in your particular area of expertise. The behind-the-scenes side of business--such as process, people management, billing and operations--are critical to business success. I have seen a number of very smart people get into business only to ultimately fail because they didn't look at their business through the lens of operational success, and instead focused solely on being good at their profession.

Passion is infectious

When you love what you do it shows to the people surrounding you every day in the office, facility or production plant. Showing excitement and enthusiasm cannot be underscored enough in terms of how it relates to your team working harder, being more focused, and ultimately more successful at their job. This translates to a better end-product. The opposite can be said for someone who is an unhappy person, leads through negative motivation, creates a challenging work environment or frankly doesn't love what they do.

Improve continuously as a team and an Organization

Technology is changing the world we live in every day. In order to stay relevant, it is important to innovate, regardless of your industry, as well as want to get better. This could mean new programs, new thinking or new processes. I believe that you are either moving forward or you are becoming obsolete. At Formula, we are constantly looking at our way of doing things and looking for ways to improve our end product, improve our client relations skills, and become more efficient at what we do, which ultimately drives greater profitability.

Rule out "Build it and they will come" mentality

Many brands look at marketing as an expense and therefore try to cut it from the budget. However, the marketplace is packed with good ideas that lack the marketing support to gain traction or they were launched with the ideology of "our product is great, that consumers will flock to it." Consumers are very careful about their money; as a result, they usually buy products that they have either sampled or have been referred to them. Therefore, make sure that marketing is completely aligned with product innovation and roll-out to ensure that when the product is ready for retail consumption. Marketing is one key aspect which is neglected by most of the teams in the hurry of developing the product first, Marketing and product development should go hand in hand, Learn from marketing videos on youtube or Zumexo, Strategizing how the product or service should be marketed should be one area which should be worked upon right from the beginning of a product lifecycle.

Finally enjoy the journey and not hurry for success

Its the journey with your teammates which is going to be memorable and cherishable,
Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for business success. It's a combination of strategic logic and creative thinking to ensure that a brand or business is successful. However, the mentioned recommendations will help alleviate some of the common pitfalls that many businesses face as they look to gain acceptance in an every demanding Indian market.
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