We at Zumexo understand that while there are a host of services in the market which are run without charging a usage fee but at the same time we do understand that free services comes with their own set of issues as well, like data stealth, misuse of client data, unreliability and unwanted clutter in the form of spammers, free advertisements etc etc. Charging a nominal platform usage fee can ensure quiet a few benefits like ensuring only verified businesses and responsible entities have access to the platform which everyone can trust, lesser of clutter users of the platform have to deal with and fewer digressions in the form of advertisements, videos, movie trailers etc when one is involved in making business decisions. We at Zumexo have to deal with a set of fixed costs in the form of development costs, cloud servers, mail servers, and marketing costs apart from some other freelancing work we get done from time to time, To meet these costs and be able to help small businesses grow we need to meet these day to day expenses we have no option but to charge our clients, But there is a way to get back the usage fee in the form of cashbacks,

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