Zumexo How it Works - B2B Networking and B2B Lead Generation Platform


Register yourself

Use a valid email address and a phone number to register yourself, we will notify of all opportunities using these details, so make sure they are accurate, we respect your privacy and don't use your personal data for third party marketing


Verify your mobile number and email address

Verification of these details is absolutely important to reduce noise, spam and respect privacy of others


Setup your Zumexo Kingdom

Setup your Zumexo business pages with as much detail as you can, These web pages are a showcase for you to reach out to prospective clients without even speaking to them sometime, Remember to keep it updated with latest offerings from time to time


Invite your existing clients to Zumexo

By inviting your other business associates to Zumexo and collecting recommendations you build a reputation for your brand and business for a long way to go, If you have just started up and are in need of recommendations we can help, reach out to Team Zumexo here ...

That's all, You are all set to explore a world of opportunities to grow your business and help others grow,

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