SEO Ready

Setup SEO ready, mobile friendly, dynamic web pages for your business to share all your products/services catalogue for your clients to look at, Websites are passe, try Zumexo Business Pages making your presence felt where it matters the most

Business Networking

Makes business networking meaningful, unobtrusive and time saving

Discover Decision Makers

Interact with business heads and sales teams directly

Let opportunities find you

Discover new opportunities from other businesses directly

Let the world know your products and service updates

Post your new products and services, let appropriate businesses connect directly

Share to other social media platforms

Share your products and services directly to other social media platforms

Effective Business Relationships

Manage your time effectively in building business relationships

Productivity Booster

Save your time by reducing the need to manage multiple whatsapp and facebook groups

Discover New Business Ideas

Discover new business ideas and opportunities to target


Can help you with personalised SME and consultant services for your business growth, with Zumexo Consulting

Hiring Sales/Marketing Ninjas

Ramping up or hiring proven sales and marketing talent with Zumexo jobs

Direct Client Outreach

Reach out to potential clients faster, close deals faster

Business Networking and Growth on the go

Do more of business networking less physically

Recommendation Repository for long term business goals

Collect recommendations from other businesses to grow your business faster

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