Zumexo-Make money with marketing skills


Wondering if Program-Athena is for you?

Whether you are a student, freelancer, from any profession or are looking for a full time opportunity, Program-Athena is for everyone who wants to either add to their existing income or are looking at it as their only source of income


Earn added passive income

You can use your existing networking, marketing and sales skill to make a lot of money every month, All you have to do is register for Program Athena by filling out the form below and our team will schedule a telephonic/video appointment to show you how Program Athena can add a lot your existing monthly income without disturbing your current schedule


Start talking to people about Zumexo and make money

Start referring business owners to setup full fledged dynamic Zumexo business pages to showcase their products and offering and keeping other businesses updated of the latest offerings


You make 5% of the Zeus Membership fee

Yes, that's right, you make 5% straight i.e (5 X 1999) = 99.95 per business registration


And of-course their are other royalties as well if you meet targets

We provide 5% royalty on business registrations provided by you, when they renew their Zeus plan every year