Discovering potential clients

Small and medium sized businesses face issues with discovering potential clients for which it keeps trying new ways some of which work and some don't but their is no proven way to maintain a pipeline of leads and keep converting them to potential clients, With a network which connects small and medium sized businesses discovering new opportunities becomes comparatively

Business networking for long term business goals

With the growing trend of entrepreneurship across all sections it becomes very important to keep business networking a regular activity but attending such events physically is time consuming and challenging and sometimes not even fruitful, Zumexo makes pure business networking easy

Lower marketing budgets

Marketing has become an enormous giant of a task for any small business to handle due to new ways popping up every couple of years and each new methodology comes with its own set of challenges and associated costs, Both offline and online marketing has been revolutionised over the last decade and online marketing is clearly ahead of the race compared to offline marketing, While offline marketing always came up with a set of fixed costs upfront, online marketing costs are totally variable, are much lower than offline marketing and are controlled by the business, This has become an inseperable part of any business to meet its marketing goals, Search engine optimizations, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google, Just Dial, IndiaMart, TradeIndia, TradeBrief and all others have become so popular tools over the last few years that hardly any business can ignore them anymore, While having so many platforms at your disposal to grow your business seems overwhelming, marketing on each platform has their own experiential learning curve, complications, varied pricing across platforms, expertise you would need on individual platform and above all managing and using them to their benefit together, For companies having small marketing budgets this could seriously become a shortcoming in few months, Fixed yearly cost on the other hand to use the platform and grow a business is something which is easier for any business to use

Low knowledge of how online digital marketing works

Digital marketing has grown out of proportion in the last few years and everyone you could see peeking your head out of your window is an expert in digital marketing, On a serious note building a solid understanding of how exactly digital marketing works is a very difficult task ranging from building keyword lists to target, content marketing, understanding demography of your potential customers, digitizing your business fliers and circulating them over and over again, and understanding how it works on each of the social and other marketing platforms is even more difficult, The only option left is hiring digital marketing expert who does all this for you at a fixed cost

Discover and deal with a free flow of leads

Generating leads for businesses is one of the most important tasks as without leads and their conversion its almost impossible to continue be in business, Online lead generation platforms work great to generate leads but in most cases the lead conversion is low, To have fewer but quality leads is more important than just having high impression count or leads

Hiring of sales and marketing executives

For B2B businesses its of paramount importance to keep their offline sales and marketing team always in their maximum strength as they are the frontline soldiers prsenting the brand, The attrition rate in sales and marketing teams being the highest across India and this leads to faster recruitments for which businesses have to shell out money to consultants and other broker partners to fill the vacancies and this becomes and ongoing cycle, Having a single platform which fulfills both the marketing and sales needs and recruitment of such executives would be highly beneficial

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